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North Vancouver Home Renovation

Posted on Mar 11, 2024

Watch as Stoneway Homes works magic on a North Vancouver home, transforming it from dated to dreamy in record-breaking time! From chic kitchen makeovers to cozy carpeted bedrooms, modern gas fireplaces, and stunning bathroom revamps – we've renovated every corner to perfection. 

Imagine stepping through your new entrance door into a space that's uniq...

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Add Flavor to Your Space with Kitchen Renovations by Stoneway Homes

Posted on Dec 19, 2023 in Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of any home, a space where flavors and family gather. At Stoneway Homes, we specialize in crafting kitchen renovations that aren't just about beautiful aesthetics, but also high functionality.

Whether you dream of a modern minimalist kitchen, a rustic farmhouse style, or a gourmet chef's haven, our team is committed to bring...

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Transform Your Routine with Laundry Room Renovations by Stoneway Homes

Posted on Sep 21, 2023

Laundry rooms, often overlooked, hold great potential for enhancing both your home’s functionality and aesthetics. With Stoneway Homes, you can transform this utilitarian space into a comfortable and stylish environment, designed to make your chores less daunting and more efficient.

Whether your vision is to include modern appliances, space-saving c...

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Ignite Comfort with Fireplace Renovations by Stoneway Homes

Posted on Jul 19, 2023

The fireplace holds a special place in the home, casting a warm glow on family gatherings and quiet evenings alike. At Stoneway Homes, we understand the potential a fireplace holds to transform a living space.

Whether your tastes lean towards a classic and cozy fireplace, or a sleek and modern electric design, our team is here to bring your vision t...

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Elevate Your Comfort with a Bathroom Renovation

Posted on Feb 09, 2023 in Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are much more than just a functional space; they're a sanctuary, where your day begins and ends. Stoneway Homes understands this, and we specialize in making bathroom renovations a transformative journey that mirrors your unique style and needs.

Whether your vision includes a minimalistic design with modern fixtures, or a lavish spa-like a...

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Vancouver House Renovations: A Smart Move in Today's Real Estate Market

Posted on Nov 17, 2022

In the dynamic real estate market of Vancouver, house renovations are capturing the attention of many buyers. Increasingly, prospective homeowners are seeking out older properties, finding value in the opportunity to mould these houses into their own unique, personalized spaces.

The process of house renovation, however, requires significant planning...

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